Some of my blogs do go on a bit, so I thought it’d be a good idea to have a page dedicated to headlines.  This will probably mean continually adding to the existing post because I haven’t get figured how to add new posts to a new page (hey ho … I’ll get there).  So to save you wading through, the first headline will remain at the top of the page, because I think it tells the whole story in itself.  New headlines wil be added straight after this and above the existing ones (so the numbers go backwards).

So, here we go …

5. If Mid-Devon, West Devon, East Devon, Torbay, Teignbridge and South Hams are the same as Torridge and were scrapped, this would save £105 million a year which could be better spent on proper jobs in agriculture and fisheries, as well as a decent public transport service.

4. Torridge made a profit of £492,000 of parking.  But it cost them £572,000.  By my simple accounting, if parking was free, Torridge would be better off by £80,000.

3. It costs over £14 million for Torridge to exist without actually doing anything.

Take out £1,460,000 for waste management, £400K for Parkwood Leisure, £200K for economic regeneration, £192K on concessionary fares, £10K on Harbours and £438K on Environmental Protection, with a rough estimate to balance the books on wages, there is nothing for Torridge to do but pay for itself.  These things do not need Torridge to exist.

2. Torridge spends £109,215 on strategy reports to establish the need for open spaces … in the middle of Devon.

1. One piece of computer software cost the head of environmental health over £66,000. Multiply that by the 433 local authorities in the UK and that single piece of software cost the nation nearly £30 million.

In a typical month, Torridge spent over £110,000 on computer software, multiply that by 433 and the figure comes to over £47 million. Multiply that by 12 months and figure is over £578 million.


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