Staff costs and ratios

270 staff serving 65,000 people, gives 1 member of staff for every 240 people.  Now, the staff have an average wage of £30K (clearly all the staff don’t get that and that figure is on the basis of taking out the wages of the top 8 staff, who take the average down by £1,000 a year for the rest).  240 people constitutes around 114 council taxes (on the basis of 65,000 living in 30,000 homes at a ratio of 2.1 people per home).  The average portion of council tax going to Torridge is around £110.  That’s £110 x 114 = £12540 so we’re short of the average wage by £17460 … that’s 158 council taxes … we need another 158 council taxes for each member of staff, just to pay their wages.  We need another 42,660 homes just to pay the wages of Torridge District Council.

Torridge give “Other Operational Running Costs” at £10,138,000.  I had taken things out of this which would have to be paid for with or without Torridge, such as cemeteries and waste management depots, which is why I was left quoting closer to £7 million for the running costs of Torridge District Council itself.  So according to my conservative estimates (based on Torridge’s own figures) each member of staff costs us a further £24,611 per year for their office space and equipment.  Each employee costs us £55,611 per year (including the top 8, increasing the average wage to £31K).  That’s 505 council taxes each.

The simple fact is that Torridge costs over 4x as much to run as it can justify for a ratio of 1 staff member to every 114 homes.

There’s been something listed as the “Corporate and Democratic Core” I haven’t been able to define.  I’ve just found out what this actually is … “the spending relating to the need to co-ordinate and account for the many services we provide to the public including the cost of member representation and activities associated with public accountability. ”  In other words, what it costs for the local authority to justify its own existence.  Torridge budgets that it will cost £1,309,000 in 2011/12 to justify its own existence.  Compare that with a budget of £1,014,000 for central services to the public.

This is all getting a bit repetitious.  There is no need for Torridge. Full stop.

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