In the grand scheme of things

It has annoyed me for some time that scientists, particularly physicists, teach stuff as fact when it is nothing but a belief system.  Dark Matter is the current example.  It used to be aether.  It used to be that time and space were flat.  It used to be that the world was flat.

When we go back that far, we get into the authority of The Church and The Church is blamed for all the ills of war and internal conflicts.  But The Church was not responsible for this.  The Church was not responsible for the witch trials, or the Inquisition or the torture of any who spoke out against Earth as the centre of the universe.  It was the people who wanted to impose their values on others who did all this.  When these value systems were overtly religious, then, of course, they would enter The Church and use it as a power base.  These days they become scientists, politicians, teachers and local government administrators.

They might not get out the thumb screws these days, but they have plenty of other ways of making sure we don’t speak out.  Worst comes to the worst, they hit you with an ASBO.  They are the same people.  They have not advanced because they advocate peaceful means of silencing their opponents.  Do not doubt that if thumb screws were available they would use them.  Because they are those people.  They are the cardinals and the bishops who sanctioned death and torture and who imposed their value system on the rest of us.

It doesn’t matter how good a belief system may be, if it is imposed on people, that is the telling feature which unifies all those who have imposed their belief on the rest of us throughout history.  They are all as bad as the worst of them.  So when the local authority tells us they will not tolerate … or they have a policy of … (some good and noble thing) they immediately corrupt that good and noble thing into a poisonous act of the imposition of values.  When the council says “We believe in …” they are citing their creed and announcing to us all that this is the belief system they will be imposing on us all.

We can laugh at them and leave them to their psychotic little worlds, detached from reality and believing themselves to be important people, when, in truth, history will forget every single one of them as it fails to record the activity of every ant, every flea, every bacterium and virus.  Unfortunately, they constitute over a quarter of the working population and place themselves in the positions of influence; the law makers, the teachers, the tax collectors and those who decided where we can and cannot go in our daily lives.  We cannot so readily laugh at them as they intrinsically deserve because their psychosis defines the reality in which the rest of us have to live and if we do not want to live like that then it is we who are dubbed psychotic sociopaths.

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