Special Projects Manager

The special projects manager is responsible for economic regeneration projects.  She has a salary of £63,345 and a budget of £171,000.  She has a salary of over a third of her budget.  If this was a business, how could a company possibly justify paying one of its staff wages equivalent to 37% of the budget?

I’ve got nothing against the special projects manager personally.  Don’t know the woman, never heard anything about her.  But this is an absolute disgrace.  You just do not pay someone the equivalent of 37% of the budget.  If you’re going to pay the woman that amount, then you increase the budget and make her salary worth the responsibility.

I mean, the chief exec has a budget of £39 million, if she had a salary 37% of her budget, she’d be on £14,443,000 a year!  That’s how astounding is this salary of the special projects manager.  Even if you just take the amount wasted on Torridge itself, without housing benefit, we’re looking at a budget of £18 million and a 37% salary of £6,660,000 and that’s in the Johnathon Woss domain.



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