Putting things in perspective

It popped into my head last night, when I went to bed, that although the wages bill for Torridge is £8 million and something, the cost of employing those people goes up to £15 million.  Apparently there are 270 staff costing £15 million.  It’s a very expensive way to manipulate the unemployment figures.  That’s an average of £55,555 each.  And then this morning, I thought “Hang on. The chief exec gets double that.”  And THAT’S the average INCLUDING running costs.  The average wage is just under £31K.  The Chief is heading towards 4x the average wage.  And what we can actually do is take out £500K for the top 8 staff, leaving £7,855,000 divided by 262 which still leaves an average income of a fraction short of £30K.  And what that means is that these 8 people take £1,000 from each of those 262 staff to boost their own incomes.  The Chief exec alone takes £1,000 from 84 staff to boost her income from the average – and that’s for a part time job.  She and the Strategic director take £1,000 from over 150 staff to supplement their income.

And these people were, basically, saying to me, “You have to starve in order to pay our wages.” but that’s another story ….

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