Women in admin

I’ve wanted to write this article for some time but couldn’t quite put my finger on the crux of the issue.  This morning I found myself thinking about women doctors and felt no sense of unease as I do with women in admin and female priests.  I then took it up a level and
thought about female surgeons and there was a massive wow factor.  Major league admiration!  And that’s how it used to be with everything – women in top posts generated enormous admiration because the very fact that they were there demonstrated that they
were extraordinary people and could be trusted to do a much better job than their male counterparts because they had to be at least twice as good to have got there in the first place.  These days, however, women are everywhere and they don’t do us any favours.  I
mean that in terms of “us” whom they serve as well as “us” females.

Thinking about doctors and surgeons, it struck me that it’s not women in work who are the problem, it’s women in admin.  But because admin roles constitute such a vast percentage of the working population, it looks like a problem of women in work as a whole and it isn’t.  It’s women in admin and that’s the crux.

I am a great believer in motherhood being an excellent training for management.  Women have to look after so many things at once. They have to be flexible, fair, friendly, disciplined, and instantly alter priorities according to the dictates of circumstance.  They have to be teachers, nurses, accountants, actresses, entertainers, nannies, and a whole host of other professions all rolled into one.  The mother – the proper mother – the woman who is brave enough to counter social dictates and take on the responsibility of this, which most women are simply not capable of doing, which is why they demean it, so as to hide their fear of it – the job of being a mother is the most important position in society.  Be in no doubt about that.  It is a position which should be held in awe, not one which mothers should feel the need to defend, with proclamations of being a “full-time mum” – no – there’s no need to try to compete with everyone else – call it what it is – you’re a “proper mum”.

You get those car stickers “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas.” I want to get one “A child is for life, not just maternity leave.” Those women who “go back to work” send a very strong message to their children “My job’s more important than you.”  Think about this. These people dump their 6 month old baby with a stranger just so they can – what? carve out a career as an administrative servant.  This child is developing at an astounding rate. The mother has been feeding the child, holding the child, nursing it, loving it as a constant, and then all of a sudden, it passes the child to someone else.  Has anybody in this so-called modern society ever thought how barbarically cruel and traumatic that is to a baby?

These are the people in trusted positions of public admin.  People running hospitals and local authorities who are no longer brought up to do anything but dump their 6 month old baby so as to enhance their own career development.  Some of them complain that they would love to stay at home to look after their children, but they can’t afford to.  No, that’s because they’re paying between £700 and £900 a month for childcare.  £900 a month would pay my mortgage 4 times over! (OK so I’ve got a cheap mortgage at the moment and I own 65% of my home outright).  What do these people spend their money on that they can afford to spend £900 a month on childcare and complain they can’t afford to do otherwise?

But, getting back to the point … the female brain has, in general, a thicker and more elaborate corpus callosum.  That’s the spaghetti like fibres linking the two sides of the brain.  This gives women greater communication between the two sides of the brain, enabling them to instantly prioritize, to multitask, and this is what makes them such excellent mothers and managers.  Unfortunately, it is also what makes so very good at being a nagging wife for whom nothing is ever right … that very same ability to zone in on a problem and fix it, only to find something else wrong and fix that, only to see a multitude of other problems to be fixed in a specific order without the need for a list or a detailed map, is the same as that which continually finds a way to fault their husband no matter how perfectly he plans things … this goes back to our early development …

Man the hunter needs to have a single focus, aiming for one animal in the herd to kill. It will not serve him if he continually changes his mind going after this one, then that one, then the other.  The tribe will starve that way.  Meanwhile, back at the cave, the mothers must develop the equivalent of eyes in the backs of their heads.  They must cook and skin and make clothes as well as nursing their children and ensuring others are kept from danger – from the fire, from wild animals, from the general environment and from illness.

And so it is that woman develops the ability to multitask while this ability would impede man’s ability to hunt and feed the family.  This is, perhaps, why women make excellent diagnosticians and pathologists, but are not, VERY generally speaking, so suited to surgery. That, in turn, is precisely what makes successful female surgeons so much more astounding, just as are fathers who take on the role of mother.  They are, each, no less amazing.

So, the female brain has developed this amazing ability and that is exactly what horrifies me about women in admin.  Especially with local government servants – and let us continue to demean them by calling them servants, for that is what they are … They constrain themselves and everyone else to strict and petty minded bureaucracy.  They undermine everything which makes them extraordinary.  They undermine their entire genetic evolution and devolve themselves into … well, it’s a bit like taking a palmtop and forcing it to be a Amstrad word processor.  These people take a magnificent piece of quantum-biochemical engineering which has taken billions of years to evolve, and turned into a dictaphone.  And they, then, have the audacity to think they have the right to order the lives of the rest of us.

When I see a female surgeon I am in awe.  When I see a female Chief Exec, Strategic Resources Director, or head of benefits and revenues, my heart sinks.  Women!  They get everywhere!  They get everywhere and ruin everything by running everything according to their own devolved parasitic profile.  They are there only because women in the past were strong enough and brave enough to fight for their right to be there, but they, themselves are neither strong enough nor brave enough to stand against the conventions of this day and age and to do more with that position than just more of the same.  They have no vision. They have only strategies and manipulation.  They are insidious creatures who will be the death of us as a species.

The education system has made it thus.  Trained like monkeys to pass the various exams of life, they know nothing beyond learning the appropriate soundbites and to force others to live by those soundbites.

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