Feudal Britain

The feudal system saw the land being split up to the governance of the lords, who would be vassals of the king.  They would, in turn, have their own vassals, over whom they would be lords.  The vassals of the Lord would have their surfs who basically worked like slaves to pay for the whole thing.

The system was somewhat akin to the Mafia in terms of the vassals entering into a contract with their superior to fight for the lord (and/or the lords for the king) while the king and/or lords provided protection for their vassals.  The surfs had no rights to speak of.  They came with the land and had to pay their taxes, as well as providing goods and services to the vassals.

The vassals would also give advice or counsel to the lord who would hold court with his council – you know where this is going, don’t you? … Is there really any difference?  Those who condemn non-democratic systems of government would argue that the least able to pay are given assistance by the lords, thus ours is a fairer system.  But that’s not really the point.  The point is that we still have a feudal system where we are all but the property of the local authority to whom we are obliged by law to pay our taxes.  We do not enter into a contract with anyone over this. We just get born into it.

Central government has authority over every piece of land in the country.  It splits up the land into local authorities under the governance of the feudal lord, or “Chief Executive” as they prefer to be called these days.  The Chief has her knights, known as “directors” and together they order the affairs of the land, deciding how it will be built upon and developed.  Any plan contrary to this will not be approved and so free trade is not allowed to develop without the overlords’ authority.  The lords would issue contracts for the works to be undertaken within the manor.  These contracts were lucrative and open to much corruption.

The Church demanded a tithe of 10% either in goods or money.  Now, these days we tend to tut condescendingly at the Church for this.  But the reality is that the Church was just the means by which certain people had and abused powers.  These days, they are responsible for the collection of council tax, for the dictates of the ruling standards committees and generally for the things in which we must now believe, like democracy, single sex marriages, but no single person fostering (hmm, wonder where that example came from! – ooh there’s a thought, how come gay couples are allowed to foster when, by their very nature, they have no children of their own – pah! anyway …  … oh, by te way, nothing against gay, it’s hypocrisy I can’t stand). These are the people who, throughout history, have had these types of jobs.  They have been the priests, the gaolers, the torturers, the concentration camp guards, the stazi, the KGB informers, and basically any other petty minded official you can think of, getting themselves into a position where they can force people to do their bidding.  “You will pay because the law gives me the power to make you pay.”

We have no right of appeal.  We must pay these taxes and inability to pay is no legal justification not to pay.  The barons are no less feudal in nature for being local government employees.  They do not allow us to live freely.  We MUST pay our taxes because we belong to the land in which we were born.

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