Is Torridge really needed?

It occurred to me that of the £3 million Torridge spends on services, £1,460,000 is spent on waste management.  Well, there’s absolutely no reason why that couldn’t be transferred, lock, stock and barrel to Devon, leaving Torridge still spending £15 million on £1,540,000 of services.

Clearly that £15 million included the wages of the waste management staff.  We take out £500K given to South Molten recycle, leaving £900K for the rest.  This does include the cost of vehicles and I do know that Torridge bought at least 2 new vehicles at a cost of over £100K a go (which I don’t think is all that bad) but just to give Torridge the benefit of the doubt, let’s take out the entire £900K remaining, leaving them spending £14,100,000 on £1,540,000 of services.

£192,000 was spent on concessionary fares – well that doesn’t need Torridge to exist. Nearly £400K goes to Parkwood leisure, so Torridge takes itself out of the game there. £221K was spent on economic regeneration with a further £10K on Harbours.  Well the harbours can be taken over by North Devon and there’s no reason why Devon couldn’t be repsonsible for economic regeneration, so we have around £800K which does not need to be in Torridge’s remit, leaving Torridge spending £14,100,000 on just £340,000 of local services. and with £438,000 spent on environmental protection, which could also be covered by Devon, this leaves Torridge costing us over £14 million for local services of minus £92,000.

(Head of Environmental Protection gets £67,538 so we can probably balance the £92K against staff wages, meaning that it costs over £14 million for Torridge just to exist)

So, we ask the question very seriously – is Torridge really needed?

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