Concessionary fares

I was reading a report from the North Devon Journal, back in November 2009 about the fears of cuts to concessionary fares in North Devon.  They said ” … But it (Torridge) spent £434,000 in 2008/09 and £537,000 in 2007/08 including new set up costs.

Jenny Wallace, the council’s strategic director of resources, said the grant was adequate to fund the scheme.

She added: “At present it is not certain that the grant distribution will be changed.

“The scheme will be considered as part of the overall budget process for the council that will not be concluded until February 2010.”

Ok … so what’s the state of play now?  They set a budget of £385,000 but spent only £192,000 so they could slash this budget in half and still leave pensioners no worse off.

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