Electricity and other buildings costs

Trying to find my way through the electricity billing was a bit of a nightmare as we have to ignore things like public conveniences (although the electricity bill for these places is quite staggering, and makes us question the installation of electric dryers; £940 in April 2010, for example).  But I have found the general contract for EDF energy for the Bridge Buildings at an estimated cost of £25,000 p/a.  Now that is the average council tax paid to Torridge of 227 homes just to pay for the electricity of a building which doesn’t need to exist (if Torridge was eaten up by other authorities).

Corporate gas heating contract is for an estimated £35,000 (318 council taxes)

“Multiple sites electricity service” £57,00 (518 council taxes)

So that’s over 1000 council taxes to pay for the electricity.  And then there’s the testing and maintenance.  For example, the annual test of potable electrical appliances is £4500.  It doesn’t sound much for an essential job in terms of safety, but when those appliances don’t need to exist because the buildings in which they exist don’t need to be publicly funded, we’re looking at another 41 council taxes.

Corporate gas heating maintenance £15,000 over 2 years (£7,500 p/a = 68 taxes).

Electrical installation testing £18,000 over 2 years (£9000 p/a = 82 taxes) with a further contract for £4,000 p/a (36 taxes)

Corporate automatic door maintenance £3210 over 3 years (another 10 taxes per year – 10 might not seem a lot, but this is your money which is being spent.  Your money and that of 9 of your neighbours, just to fix the automatic doors and that’s your money and that of 9 of your neighbours for 3 years to fulfil this one contract).

Corporate lift maintenance £6,000 p/a in addition to £10,000 over 2 years for passenger lift maintenance (£11,000 = 100 taxes – that’s my village)

Air conditioning maintenance £2,000 p/a (18 taxes) with a further £3000 over 2 years (13 taxes) … 31 council taxes to pay for corporate air conditioning!!!!!  Well that’s global warming for you!

Gas supply contract £10,000 (91 taxes)

So just to finish quickly because I’ve seen a whole pile more contracts which are stunning in their waste of money but don’t relate to building costs, that’s  1440 council taxes on heating, lighting and maintenance of things and people we don’t need.

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