Dealing with Applications

Must just note that had I read this properly in the first place, I would have seen that this “Dealing with applications” did not relate to job applications, but to planning applications and whilst there is a gut reaction which asks “Aren’t their staff qualified to deal with these applications.” a little thought does reveal a whole army of things they would need to look to in planning applications for which their staff would not be expected to be qualified, requiring the employment of external companies – things like geological surveys spring immediately to mind.

So that’s hopefully, that one sorted and a perfectly legitimate expenditure on the part of any planning department.  But the argument still stands that if two or three small local authorities don’t have enough work or revenue of their own, is it not more feasible to disband one of two or two of three, saving wages costs, and general office costs, leaving only one team to work out of one office.  It’s no more trouble for us to go to Tavistock than to Bideford, and Bideford could go to Barnstaple.  It is a complete waste of money for Bideford, Torrington, Northam, Appledore and Westward Ho! not be governed by North Devon in Barnstaple.  That leaves Holsworthy to join up with West Devon.


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