Diversity Training

It struck me last night that with £13,765 spent on diversity training …. that’s the council tax of 125 homes (that which goes to Torridge) … why is this being spent at all when there are very few ethnics in the area?  There is a fairly big Polish contingent. But I don’t think they’re counted in the stats which shows Devon as a whole to have only 1.1% ethnics.  Torridge has less than 1%. Although I might just have slid in there under the heading of “mixed ethnicity” because I am Anglo-Celtic and, therefore, like to mess up their statistics by this basic fact of my mixed ethnicity.  I mean, let’s face it, being Anglo-Celtic is pretty neck and neck with being half Lancastrian and half Yorkshire (begone the thought!).  And then there’s the Cornish – why should they be lumped in with “White British”?  They consider England to be a foreign country.  And so it is.  My family name is preAnglo-Saxon.  My mother’s family can be traced back to the 1400’s, with a little Huguenot thrown in along the way.  Why should our mixed, varied and rich heritage be ignored under the general heading of “White”?  Indeed, why should someone from Rwanda be lumped together with someone from Uganda?  This is a vast continent with an equally rich and varied ethnic background as we would find in one country to another in Britain – one country, one region, one county, one district, one town, one village, one street.  The differences between individuals is being eroded by these sweeping generalisations which do nothing but enhance racial tension by pointing out the differences and making them matter.

Anyway, the point was that with just 564 official ethnics in Torridge (of which I may or may not be one – but do they count my neighbours, who are half Sicilian, or their father who is all Sicilian?) why spend £13,765 on training to deal with them in a different way to the way they treat everyone else – as if they’re not properly human and need to be treated differently.  There are 65,000 people in Torridge and 564 ethnics. Is this really an efficient use of public funds?  If they were considered to be ordinary people just like the rest of us, this money would not have to be spent.  It’s only because a minority of people want to make such a big deal out of this that these people don’t actually have any chance of ever being considered ordinary.  They are forever ethnics.

Anyway …

I’ve just found some interesting information on another site.  The area of highest employment in Devon is … you’ve guessed it, public sector admininstration, healthcare and teaching. At 29.5% of the workforce, it is some 3.2% higher than the national average. In this area which is the lowest density population because of its agricultural abundance, only 4% of the population is employed in Agriculture, Fisheries and Water.  Retail and wholesale comes second with 19%, followed by finance and insurance, employing 12%, along with hotels and restaurants. Manufacturing takes up just 9%, with the leisure industry employing 6% of the work force. Transport and communications, along with construction employ 5% each,

The average house price in Devon is 9.2% higher than nationwide average.

The average council tax bill is higher in Devon and rose by a greater amount than the rest of the country.  Whilst the gross average pay in Devon is some £3,333 a year less than the national average.  But the average pay for people actually working in Devon (rather than living in Devon but working in higher paid jobs elsewhere) is £4,132 a year less than the national average.  So, we earn £4K less than everyone else, but have to pay more council tax because a greater percentage of the workforce than average works in public sector admin.  Oh yes, and the population in Torridge rose by 16.2% in the 10 years up to 2008 which is 3x the national average.  There are 3.5% of homes said to be second or holiday homes. This is 6x the national average.

These people come in here from the outside and tell us what to do and they make us pay for them telling us how to live our lives.  They do not have a clue about local needs and therefore need to pay management consultants for strategy studies.  They live in a different world to the rest of us.  They live in this false reality of the corporate identity which is all

  • Strategy
  • Management consultancy
  • Meetings
  • Bullet points.

They don’t actually do anything.  Or if they do it is a minscule percentage of the budget because most of the budget has already been spent working out what to do and how to tell us what they’ve decided to do.

And they have enormous powers to take us to court if we don’t pay them to do this.



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