The Truth About Torridge

Hi there and welcome to my little revenge blog.  Hopefully I won’t write anything libellous.  I will try to keep my facts straight, but, for the most part, I am just giving my opinion.

I am calling for Torridge District Council to be disbanded because it is a complete waste of taxpayers’ money.  I don’t actually earn enough at the moment to pay tax, but I still have to pay council tax.  And whilst the chief executive’s office goes £94,000 over budget, the neo-nazi collections department threaten to take me to court for £22.81 only one day after I actually received the amended bill (having already paid this year’s bill, they tried to add another £435 to that because they pressed a button, it came up with a figure, that figure was wrong, but they didn’t bother to check that with me, so I had to go through the rigors of applying for council tax benefit in order for them to get the right figure – give them their due, the benefits department were brilliant – it’s the collections department who would make Draco look like the tooth fairy).

So, yes, I am angry with Torridge.  And this IS personal.  But that’s how Torridge makes us feel.  The CAA report acknowledged as much.  We are not satisfied with the way Torridge is run.  And what I say is that it is way too small an area to warrant the costs of city hall.  It exists for sake of the corporate beast, not for ours.

I’m hoping to mix serious commentary with a good old romp at the expense of Torridge. There will be comments about social and economic trends in general, but always with a sideways slap across the face of Torridge.  There will be lengthy articles and short one liners.  So you should just be able to dip in and take your chance with what you get.  There’s no real continuum.

Thanks for looking and I hope you have a good laugh along the way.




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